Decoration and Improvement Policy

No improvements may be made, without prior permission from The Frankfort Cemetery Company.  Any improvements which are undertaken without obtaining prior permission will be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery management. Compensation for removal or damage of any such improvements will not be reimbursed by the Cemetery, even if these improvements were approved.

Improvements cannot in any way interfere with graves for which burial rights are not owned by the individual making the improvements. Such improvements hinder the Cemetery’s ability to dig, and infringe on the rights of others. Such improvements will be removed or altered at the Cemetery’s discretion, and reimbursement will not be provided, even if such improvements were approved.

The Frankfort Cemetery Company shall have power to enter upon and remove any ornaments, fixtures, or shrubbery that may be placed on or around the graves against the by-laws or regulations of the corporation. Objects that obstruct seasonal care of graves are not permitted and will be removed on a regular basis by The Frankfort Cemetery without notice. These include, but are not limited to artificial flowers, shepherd hooks, glass, plastic or ceramic statues, stuffed animals, plastic or glass containers, perpetual lights, windmills, balloons, pennants, ornaments, paper items, plastic or concrete urns, plant stands, unauthorized edging and fencing of any type. The Frankfort Cemetery Company will not be responsible for their safe keeping or the removal of the above objects by vandals or others.

Live flowers will be disposed of as necessary, usually within one week of their being laid on a grave, unless they are cared for by regular watering.

Live decorations such as trees, bushes, flowers, etc. must receive prior approval from Cemetery management. Plants must be non-invasive and maintained by the lot owner. Upon approval, planting must be at least 6 inches inside the lot boundary and not extend beyond 18 inches from the monument.  Any flower bed that is left untended or neglected may be removed by said management at any time, and for any reason, without notice, or reimbursement.  We love to see these types of decorations, and will do our best to not interfere with them. However, at times, it may become necessary, such as when graves are dug, plants die, or any other reason that the Cemetery may feel is needful. Decorative rock and gravel are not permitted..

Decorations for Memorial Day may be placed seven (7) days prior to the holiday, and should be removed no later than seven (7) days after Memorial Day.  Christmas decorations may be displayed November 15 through January 30. These decorations include wreaths, flowers, monument saddles, and baskets of greenery. After January 30, all displays will be removed without notice.


Under no condition shall anyone who is not authorized by The Frankfort Cemetery Company remove any decorations, flowers, etc., from any graves, unless they themselves placed the decorations there.

Headstones shall not be moved, or altered without prior consent from the Cemetery. Moving a headstone creates a tremendous amount of problems for future generations. No alterations to headstones may be made without permission from the cemetery. Generally permission will be granted, if the improvements are being made by decedents and are respectful of the graves.

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